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Welcome to
The Fit Pharmacist !

We strive to provide sound nutrition support to empower our clients to feel at their best!

If we’re functioning at 100%, our relationships improve, we become energized in our career and live a fulfilled life!

Healing Through Nutrition

Featuring The Diet Doc Program

Are you looking to heal your body naturally and decrease medications, lose weight permanently without dieting, and feel energized? Discover our Healing Through Nutrition programs!

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For Pharmacists

Join TheFitPharmacist Movement

Are you a pharmacist passionate about helping patients heal through nutrition? Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit and want to grow your own nutrition consulting business? Discover our Pharmacy program!

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Healthy Living

We take the guesswork out of creating wellness.
Your health is our business!

One of our goals is to empower you to live a healthy, passionate and joyful life!
Our Healthy Living Section is your roadmap to everything you’ll need to jump-start your health journey!

The #1 Feeling That Holds Us Back-And How to Overcome It!
How many of you would be okay with jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet? I bet most of us would be filled with many emotions-the top one being fear!We are all familiar with the symptoms of fear: sweaty palms, shallow breathing, increased h
Top 10 Most Commonly Asked Questions about Prescriptions
Dr. Christina Tarantola in Healthy Living, Pharmacy
March 04, 2017 · 4 minutes read
Over time, pharmacy has changed drastically! From the old days of the "doc" dispensing pop from the soda machine to the more modern customization of medication therapy, pharmacists have been the medication experts in the community. Ahem, sp
How to Meal Prep for Work
Dr. Adam Martin in Healthy Living, Wellness Wednesday
February 07, 2017 · 1 minute read
Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement- that’s about as simple as I can put this! If you go into work thinking you’ll “wing it”, 99.9999% of the time the only thing winging it will be your fitness plan flying right out the window with your good intentions.
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For Pharmacists

Pharmacy. Nutrition. Empowerment.
We are your Rx for Success!

We strive to provide practical tips to empower pharmacists to be the healthiest they can be. If we’re functioning at 100%, we can deliver better care to our patients, yielding better outcomes and personal relationships.

Your Holiday Diet - Pharmacy Podcast Episode 362
Dr. Adam Martin in Pharmacy, Pharmacy Podcast
November 22, 2016 · 1 minute read
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Swag Store

We have lived the Rx path of life: pharmacy school, residency, retail, - we’ve been there! Along the way we found some amazing things we found to be of help, or simply just fell in love with. This is where we share those clinical pearls with you to enjoy, too!

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What if there was a way to naturally tap into your own internal source of energy?

7 Week Wellness: Alive and Thrive is a step-by-step roadmap of 7 key areas of health designed to help you feel more energized and invigorated. This 7 week guide will show you how to select healthful foods and become more in tune to what your body is really craving.

Jump start your journey to permanent fat loss, increased confidence and boundless energy